Approaching the 21st Century

Task: Our textbook is outdated and needs to be updated to the 21st century. Your group will be assigned one recent president to “research” and design a Wiki page. Your president page must have the required topics, images, website links, videos, etc. BE CREATIVE, USE YOUR IMAGINATION!!!

What is a wiki?
Wikis are collaborative online environments in which users can publish writing as well as add elements to their pages such as images, videos, slide shows, polls, audio, and thousands of other widgets available online. In addition to merely collaborating on publishing documents, users can discuss the pages on the discussion tab forums. Also, all past edits can be tracked and users can revert back to past edits.

Wikispace- The presentation on the wiki is well organized and visually pleasing following a logical pattern and doing so we help the audiance learn through words, pictures, videos, etc.
    • Content Information- The project addresses a number of important aspects of your the assigned president, including background, main issues, etc.
    • Required topics- You are required to address specific topics on the assigned president- Please visit shared Google D ocs handout .
    • Citations- The effective wiki summarizes information but never copies it! Wikis may be read by a global audience and authors must keep that in mind. The project is cited adequately throughout and follows the citation style (MLA citations using )
    • Spelling and grammar are correct (-1 point for each error up to max)
    • Resources and Hyperlinks- The group used an array of quality resources ( images, videos, and web links), used effective wiki hyperlinks and gives readers additional information about the topic. Make sure that you have checked your hyperlinks and that they are functional.
    • Collaboration- A collaborative effort-IF IT IS A GROUP WIKI –Several participants in different classes have contributed. Wikis are collaborative and each should positively contribute to the project.
Presentation- The presentation is well-prepared and flows well, with the student exhibiting knowledge about the subject and not reading verbatim from the Wikispace.


How to create a wiki?

Useful websites: